You’re stepping stone to Baseball Career!

You're stepping stone to Baseball Career!

You’re stepping stone to Baseball Career! – Do you want to get involved in baseball or softball and be one of the professional athletes? Become in line with some of the most influential people in softball today such as Jennie Finch, Cat Osterman and Taryne Mowatt or, be skilful in baseball sport like Derek Jeter, Babe Ruth and Albert Pujols!

Everyone is an athlete. We have our own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to sports. Some are good in basketball, badminton, football and softball, while others create their own name in swimming, racing, and other competitions. Softball and baseball are two of the very in-demand sports since their inception, and both men and women are getting involved in these excellent games. They were able and will be able to establish different names across the world.

You’re stepping stone to Baseball Career!


If you are a softball or baseball athlete who wants to know the real secrets of college recruiting, showcasing, and college marketing, then you are about to find out how to get step by step process to becoming a recruitable athlete right now! As a matter of fact, if you are interested in becoming a recruitable fastpitch or recruitable player, this new e-book – “The College Recruiting System for Baseball and Fastpitch Athletes” – will give you the answers to 10 important challenges and questions that every softball or baseball athlete is facing, which includes…

…How to become a recruit able athlete?

…is attending showcases your answer to college recruitment?

…How do you really have to be to get a scholarship?

…How do you get college coaches to recruit you?

…and more!

After reading this book, you are now ready to take the battle and mark a history in the baseball or softball sport!

The College Recruiting System for Baseball and Fastpitch Athletes

Chapter 1: How to Get a Softball Scholarship

As softball athletes start deciding which teams to aim for, they will start probing themselves what their opportunities are for a scholarship in softball. After all, it will be great if there are some financial returns on all your investments in travel, team, and lessons. However, because of the many options available out there, you need to weigh which one suits to your necessities. Looking for a softball scholarship passes down to finding schools fitted to you, giving coaches the chance to scout you as well as managing college softball recruiting process to make best use of your opportunities. There are thousands of college softball programs around the country.

Recruiting + Scouting = Scholarships

Of course, softball scholarships don’t happen easily. The process generally starts when a player begins to get scouted through playing in various tournaments typically with travel teams. Subsequently after being scouted, the coaches who are interested to pursue you will induct contact and start the recruiting process. Normally, this recruiting process will take a few years and consist of several visits, communication and phone calls before making any official scholarship.

Start the process earlier

As more and more colleges ramp up the softball and baseball programs, the competition mainly between the colleges for athletes is becoming intensifying. For you to get a softball scholarship, you must develop your own recruiting plan as early as now. The top pitchers are now committing earlier than before. With this, players are more likely to be recruited by different coaches and offer them scholarship.

Develop your own ‘target list’ of different schools

As a parent, you still and always remain in control when it comes to the recruiting process for your own child. Among the best ways to avoid horrible mistakes along the way is to sit down and kick start having serious discussion about the different factors that may help you to narrow down the colleges that you think may be a perfect fit for your child. Having such list will definitely help you reduce frenetic mind-set, which in the first place can result to poor decisions and cost you a lot of scholarship.

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