Wilson Evolution Basketball

Wilson Evolution Basketball

Wilson Evolution Basketball – One of the famous sports in today’s generation is basketball. This sport is not only played by men because even women are now playing this sport most especially the high school and college students. This sport is being played by two teams and many of becomes a good player for this game. There are many students who became the most valuable player in their respective school because of playing basketball. The game basketball will not be called as basketball without the use of the equipment basketball. There are different brands of basketball, but one of the famous and mostly used is the Wilson evolution basketball.

Wilson Evolution Basketball

Wilson Evolution Basketball
Wilson Evolution Basketball

Wilson evolution basketball is mostly used by high school basketball players. This is also been used during the NCAA Championships because this game ball enables the player to give their bests in order to win the game. Among other brands of the game ball, this is commonly used because of being durable and high quality. Game ball helps every player to boost their confidence and they become competent enough to play the game. The following are the terrifying features of this game ball.

  • This game ball is made of a high-quality Microfiber Composite Leather Cover.
  • It has the high-class Cushion Core Technology that combines the ultra-durable butyl rubber and the low-density sponge rubber that produces a different feel on the basketball.
  • It is also made of pebbled composite channels and patented aqua grip that enhances grip ability.
  • The size of the basketball measures 29.5”.

Wilson evolution basketball has the cushion core technology that enables the ball to retain its natural shape and it also enables the ball to avoid leaks and to have a perfect bounce even for the longer time of use. This ball also enables the player to grip it comfortably and obtain high shooting scores.

Since this game is also played by women, the sides of the ball for the girls and the boys are different. For the girls and women the official size of the ball is 28.5” while for the boys and men, it should be 29.5”. The following are the pros and cons of this game ball.


  • Enhances grip ability: The channels of this ball are deep and nice that proves how different it is for other balls. It does not fail or loose at your palm even when you are dribbling hard or you are shooting. You can control the ball throughout your use because the ball is a little bit tacky.
  • Durable: If you will use this for indoor games, you would probably prove how durable it is. This can be used even for a longer period of playing because it is made of high-quality materials and durable.
  • Comfortable when used because of its soft and unique feel when playing the game. The ball absorbs the moisture so the player will not feel slippery and sweat when the game is going on.


  • This game ball is a bit too bouncy for other but it can still be controlled during the game. It bounces fast however you can still control it since it provides you the ability to grip it tightly and comfortably.

Now that you are already aware when it comes to Wilson Basketball Evolution, you might want to give it a try. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned player, you’ve got the chance to enjoy it now.

Wilson evolution basketball is a great choice for those intermediate and advanced players. This ball is one of the best options for the indoor basketball games for men and women. Although this ball cannot be used for outdoor games, however, this is the best equipment for indoor games.

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