Table casino games

Table casino games

Table casino games are Different Kinds of Casino Game played on a table and are played with one or more live dealers. Some of the table games played in casinos are discussed below.

Asian stud. This kind of table was introduced in 2002 in the region of Seattle. The objective of this game is to score the most point. The dealer of the game deals with 5 cards which he/she face them down to the players. The players now are supposed to evaluate their hands and choose to either fold raise or check at The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia.

The cards are then split into 3-card –hand and 2-card-hand by the player. The cards in 3-card-hand should have a total of 30 points or else you don’t qualify but the 2-card-hand is irrelevant. If both players qualify then points in the 2-card-hand is calculated to determine the winner.

Table casino games

Table casino games
Table casino games

Casino war

This is one of easiest table games.

Gameplay of casino war

Simple and Fast Casino War – In this game player and a dealer each dealt with one card. The cards have values. To determine the winner comparison is made between the values of cards players have and that of the dealer. If it that player has a card with the value higher that of the dealer then he/she is declared to be the winner. If the value of the in possession by the player is lower than that of the dealer then the player loses the bet.


This occurs where the player and the dealer have cards with same values at Live Casino Gambling Games And Best Free Bets Website. In this case will have two options either surrender and loses half the bet or go for where he has to double his stake


How to Play Blackjack? This game is played with two or more players, with a number of players usually not exceeding six. The skill required in playing this is a probability. The game is played with cards ranging from 52 cards to 416. The players are dealt with a two-card and add together the values of the cards they have issued with. Kings, queens, and jacks cards are equivalent to ten points. Other cards are equivalent to the numeric indicated on such cards. After they have been issued with the first two cards, the players have the option of either hitting or taking an additional card. Winning this game, a player should have cards with values less than or equal to 21. For a player to win this game he/she has to defeat the dealer by:

Scoring 21 points on the player’s first two cards with exceptional of a dealer blackjack.

Having a final a score higher the dealer but should not exceed 21 points.

Allow the dealer to draw additional cards to a point his/her hand exceeds 21 points.

Asia poker

In this game at Best Malaysia Live Casino & Online Gambling Site, players are issued with seven cards and they have to divide their cards into three hands, high, medium and low. High contains four cards, medium 2 cards and low has one card. For a player to win the game, the high hand cards must be equal or greater that of a medium in the ranking of poker and the medium must be equal or greater than the low.

When the house scores at least two-thirds of the three hands, then the players loses the bet.

Australian Pontoon (card game)

In this game, the wishes of a player to be issued cards which have a total more than that of banker’s but the value should not exceed 21. If the player receive cards with a total less than that of the dealer or it exceeds that of the dealer by a value exceeding 21 then the player loses the bet.

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