Do you think that Lionel Messi is the best football player today

Do you think that Lionel Messi is the best football player today
Do you think that Lionel Messi is the best football player today

We live an era of football which, at the moment, is governed by just two players: Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. These two players are total beasts of the game and can totally change it with their individual brilliance. In the past 8 years no other player has reached their level and even in the future, this is not going to change for many years. The last player to have defeated them in the most prestigious award in the football world was Ricardo Kaka; since then the Ballon D’or has been shared by these two legends. When there is a debate about the best player in the world people end up divided between Team Messi and Team Ronaldo.

Do you think that Lionel Messi is the best football player today

Lionel Messi started his career as a striker in a prestigious club Barcelona and is still serving them loyaly. Leo’s game depended too much on the services of the midfielders like Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas, etc. in the initial days. Now, as he lacks such high a quality midfield, he changed his game accordingly, playing as a creator himself with some lovely, unbelievable passes ripping the opposition defence apart and leaving the spectators astonished with the kind of vision he has. He gets ample amount of assists and scores at times as well but recently that has been against the inferior teams most of the time. Plus the team around him has been constructed so that they can cope without him for sure without problems.

Everything About Lionel Messi

Since his childhood days, everything was spoon-fed to him and he did not do much hard work to get to the top. The lad was technically gifted since birth and these natural talents are what the media hypes about. Cristiano Ronaldo has, on the other hand, a totally different story as he started as a winger in a low profile club, Sporting Lisbon, then through his hard work and determination, he bagged an offer to Manchester United and later on Real Madrid. Ronaldo has been through tough times – he got rejected by many clubs because he was too lanky and won’t be able to cope up with the physicality of the game, and now all those who rejected him would surely be crying. Ronaldo has proved himself in three different leagues, which is a tough thing to do, but he still has managed to do it despite the odds. He has shown he is a winner be it anywhere or with any team for that matter. Many legends like Sir Alex believe that this is the reason why Ronaldo is better; take him to any team and he will perform, while Messi is a Barcelona product only. Ronaldo surely had a tough start to the career but the hard work he put in is unimaginable.

The media, though, prefers a naturally talented player more than a well- trained one as they keep portraying Leo Messi as the best but actually it is the total opposite. This is all part of the media’s game. When Ronaldo scores a hat trick the media may acknowledge it but when Messi does the same, the media is all praise for the lad with major headlines. That is what diverts the minds of the people and they end up thinking that Messi is the genius and Ronaldo is not. The same people

don’t realize that the hat tricks came so naturally to Ronaldo that the media thinks it is just another day in Ronaldo’s life. Yet he stills answers everyone on the pitch in the next game. Messi may be goalless for a month and still there won’t be much criticism. It is in fact tough to be Ronaldo and live up to the expectations of everyone.

Certain Issues Regarding to Lionel Messi’s Life

Messi has got criticized just once as much as Ronaldo, that too after he failed to win Copa America yet again and he ended up retiring from international football. That is something that makes Ronaldo better – this guy got criticized more than that for not scoring in the first two games of Euro 16, what with all the expectations, and still he loves that and performs. Another factor that makes Ronaldo better is that he is a better leader as well. Leo Messi captained Argentina in the Copa America final against Chile a team which they defeated in the group stage without Messi, so surely if you are the so-called best in the world the job should have been easier this time, but the captain ended up getting a yellow card for diving and then missed a penalty that handed the game to Chile. The Portuguese players thus look up to him, respect him and know his capabilities as a captain as well as a player. Messi can have a cakewalk against inferior opponents but struggles against the bigger sides, disappearing totally when the team needs him the most to guide them; that is certainly not the characteristics of the best player. Leo Messi has failed to score in El Clasicos in the past three years, the most important game in the world of football where the world stops to witness the rivalry shared by these two clubs.

Leo Messi scored a goal against Real Madrid

The Last time Leo Messi scored a goal against Real Madrid, Real has won two UCLs in the meantime. Ronaldo on the other hand has influenced in big games, stepping up and taking his team out of trouble every time, be it Real Madrid or Portugal. Real had a foot out of UCL as they lost 2-0 against a lowly Wolfsburg in the first leg and a victory by 3 goals margin was required which was up-stepped by Ronaldo in the second leg, scoring a hat trick and thus getting his side out of trouble and eventually winning the trophy? Clearly no matter how the media portrays Ronaldo is the better player of the two and I clearly thus disagree with the fact that Messi should be called the best player.

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