Dimtri Payet is one of the most deadliest player in front of goal

Dimtri Payet is one of the most deadliest player in front of goal
Dimtri Payet is one of the most deadliest player in front of goal

Dimitri Payet the lad that had asked his father if he could play football and in that passion, travelled around 6,000 miles, is now an accomplished footballer. From a normal teenager to now a dreadful midfielder for both the West Ham football club and the France national owes thanks to his dad who has helped him become what he is today.

Dimtri Payet is one of the most deadliest player in front of goal

UEFA Championship 2016

Right before the start of the UEFA Championship 2016, hosted by France, Payet wasn’t considered much of a player of the team but with his playing he has brought huge smile on thousands of French supporters as he scored the phenomenal goal which sealed their victory in the opener against Romania. From zero he has become the hero after being snubbed off at half time in 1-0 defeat against Albania by the anger of coach Deschamps. Many thought he would never ever appear in the national squad but now he has taken over from Griezmann or Pogba as leader of France’s attack. Though he is not as famous as Zidane, who is his inspiration, he is hoping to make a place on that pedestal one day.

His intriguing specialty has also been a boon to the West Ham, as being the centre piece that holds the team. This French person has been the sensation for them throughout the season and the noted performance of his was the fight back that he led when they were 2-0 down. He helped Diafra Sakho have the header for the equalizer by curling the ball into the box area where strikers love to lurk. After nine minutes he stated his comeback from the knee ankle injury by popping up in the correct position to shoot past the goal key.

Premier League Records

The primary imprint that he has left in Premier League record books was the wicked and long free kick assist that troubled Petr Cech but got converted into a header by Koyate resulting in the first goal of the season of the Hammers. Many raised questions on Cech’s ability but the curl and whip by Payet’s set made things difficult for him where in terms of set pieces, it was perfect. Having injured himself against Everton, the team could only win one of the next 6 games that it has played. After his return back to the starting line up the team made steady progress by winning 5 out the last 9 games it played which is clearly a magical turn-over inspired by Payte himself. He himself is a terrific player not only in assisting but scoring goals for the team at decisive moments of the game, by which he has accounted 8 goals in his name this season.+

He creates 3.9 chances per match on an average second best to Ozil, in a team where there are no superstars. With him becoming the binding factor Sakho becomes the threat along with Andy Carroll and Michail Antonio who are pretty impressive themselves. He is deliberately creating opportunities for them helping them play in a better sense and his ability to find them in the box is a note worthy feature. Due to this, the team have become extra cautious about him now and are trying to put him out of the game but at his position of the left-wing he runs behind the striker dropping deep thus confusing the opponents who should tackle him.

Advantage of the situation

Taking advantage of this situation he is able to find his teammate through his incisive through the ball. With the creative freedom and the passes which are phenomenal he has created more chances than Lionel Messi and is a player who makes the crowd go gaga. He is completely an entertaining guy and from the above prospects he proves himself as the most deadliest player in front of goal.

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