Difference in Playtech & Microgaming Software

The Playtech and the Microgaming softwares are developed for online games of the casinos. Casinos as we all know, is a place where gambling games are played. Like as we have online games for children and for the adults, casinos have also managed to develop online games for the gamblers as well! In both these online gambling games, there is virtual transfer of money between the winner and the loser. Both the software has been developed as such to provide with an experience of a true gambling game at a casino. It is interesting to note here that both originate from the Isle of Man area, Playtech being founded in 1999 while the other in 1994 as the first online casino developer.

Difference in Playtech & Microgaming Software

The  one point of time, Playtech had captured the market till around 2008 when there was a fall in the company’s rating at the stock exchange. So, although both the software is more or less the same, there are some subtle differences between the two. Firstly their logo is different. Secondly, when it comes to their functions or functionality, Microgaming software is more apt for auto play as it provides the player with the opportunity to have more control over the auto play system. Hence for the beginner it is more conducive as it allows the beginner to pause at certain points and play. This is missing in the Playtech software.

About Playtech and Microgaming Software

Thirdly, because of this auto-control feature of the Microgaming software, the players have more control over the banking system that is, on the withdrawal and deposits of an online Microgaming casino. Fourthly, when it comes to gaming options be it video poker or video slots or blackjack or roulette, there are more games in the Microgaming software than in the Playtech one as the former develops lots of games in a year. But with the Playtech developing its software in this competitive market, their recent virtual reality in dealing with cards has been outstanding even more than the Microgaming expert ones.

Choose the leading software providers

Thus in today’s world, Microgaming is one of the leading online software providers to the casino world that is there in most of the casinos. But Playtech is not lagging behind particularly with their partnership with the Yo Yo games and other gaming companies in recent years. In short, be it any software, Playtech or Microgame, it is undoubtedly correct to say that both have the power to amuse the online gamblers to the fullest.

It depends on the person to choose the software. But be it any, the basic gambling activity is the same. It is only that the beginners might go for the Microgaming one for its inherent qualities as mentioned above. Some of the well known games of both the software are – Guts, Online Poker, Live Dealer, Progressives under Microgaming and Casino.com, Heaven under the Playtech.

Success of your   game software is largely driven by usability. Therefore, a usability testing expert or a QA becomes important to ensure that quality of your   games is top-notch. Game play must be smooth, interactive, intuitive and engaging. A testing expert also ensures that cross-platform performance criteria do not compromise on privacy and security of users. Before your social casino website goes live or you launch your social casino app, testing expert conducts load testing to ensure that the games are capable of withstanding heavy, concurrent loads.  A mobile app developers uses a different programming language, like Flash, than a web developer who has options like Java, Ruby on Rails etc. Both the developers also work on APIs, real time data transfer, logic, algorithm, multiplayer-networking,  back-end server of your social casino games.

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