Diego Godin is one of the best footballer at present

Diego Godin is one of the best footballer at present
Diego Godin is one of the best footballer at present

Diego Roberto Godin, was born on 16 February 1986, in Uruguay. Aged 30 now, Diego Godin is a professional football player who plays mainly for the Spanish Club, Atletico Madrid, as a mid field defender, with a squad number 2.

Diego Goldin’s childhood friends in Rosario, remember him as a country boy who liked to go out hunting and fishing in the wild and who used his instincts figuring out the loop holes in his opponents and capitalize on it when he became a top sportsman and helped kick-start a golden era for Atletico Madrid. He spent most of his professional career in Spain, playing for the teams Villarreal and Atletico Madrid and winning six major titles with the latter. Atletico’s rock-solid defense has been the major advantage of their impressive domestic and European campaigns because of Diego Godin.Diego Godin doesn’t really stand for nonsense. He is a really important man within the group. Once when Diego Godin suffered a muscle tear and stretched off the pitch, the team thought they would lose a leader.

Diego Godin is one of the best footballer at present

Diego Godin is lauded as Atletico Madrid’s defensive stalwart. Godin is a big-game player. It is Godin’s battling qualities that make him so perfect for mid field defense, with his ability to dig in against sustained pressure in particular.

Here are some of the achievements of Diego Godin

  • He scored the winning goal for Uruguay, against Italy which had made the team qualify for world cup in Brazil.
  • He scored a winning goal for Atletico Madrid and made the team win the league at Nou camp.
  • Brought back the team’s defense when the team was suffering from the lack of proper defense along three seasons.

The strong aspects of Godin would be dealing with Duels and concentrating just right throughout the game play. Although in passing he is slightly a bit on the weaker side, he likes to dribble and often clears the ball with his influential defense. If a manager needs his players to follow his rules and play the game as exactly as he wants to, then players like Diego Godin come in handy. The trust and ready leadership he possesses is found in no other player. Players similar to Godin are very hard to find, and one of such similar player is Gimenez. He can easily come in the shoes of Godin and certainly do a god job.

With an ability to execute the instructions perfectly, and having great discipline, Diego Godin forces his team mates to come with him, ordering them to follow the manager, hence having his influence spread over the entire team. The greatest players in the world like Lionel Messi find it challenging to touch the ball in Diego Godin’s box. His preferred position is center back. If he can’t play at center back, Diego Godin has also an option to play at left back, right back, or mid defensive role because he’s such a dominant defender. He would definitely feel less confident in himself if he’s placed at any other position.

Style of playing of Diego Godin

His style of playing might well define terms like honesty, conviction, and courage. Being a skilled tackler, he’ll normally avoid fouling and will often win the ball. He will accurately figure out where to pass the ball. He’ll excel at muffling attackers on corners kicks, and will respond more quickly to changes in a play most of the time. Physically, he is a bit on the slower side he takes longer than most players to gain the momentum, but he will outrun most players over longer distances due to his more than average sprint speed. He’s stronger than rest, which, when combined with his great jumping ability, will definitely help him to win the defensive headers. The passing skills he possess are among the highest for all defenders, making him a particularly concrete foundation for a possession-based attack. Diego Godin possess all those skills which a footballer imbibes himself with, it’s not otherwise that he is one of the best footballer at present.

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